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Factory Address: No.1571, Chuangye Road, Zhangqi                             u District, Jinan City, Shandong Province




Foreign business department:

TEL:+86 531 88069364

FAX:+86 531 88166114


About us

Development path

Development path

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1958 Foundation of Licheng Stone Factory mainly for mining. Our products are mainly used in building materials, democratic and hand-made goods.

1965 Foundation of Jinan Granite Factory and register the trademark ‘TAISHAN’. We

are the very first professional company in China manufacturing granite plates.

1978 Due to the success of the development of precision granite plates. Our company wins the Second prize of the National and Province Scientific Research Awards.

2000 Change our company name from Jinan Granite Factory to Jinan TMMT Stone Co., LTD and the nature of our company changes from state-owned to private enterprise. We are expert in producing granite precision plated, measuring tools and components.

2007 Foundation of Zhangzhou Tianma Precision Machinery Co., LTD, which is principally for importing large size raw materials.

2007 Foundation of Inner Mongolia Xianghuang Qi Tianma Stone Co., LTD mainly for

mining, which owns a 500,000 square meters ‘Taishan BLACK Diamond’ mine.

2018 developed and promoted new material EPS.